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prada bags outlet Speaking of outlets, most people is not strange, especially in Chengdu, the luxury consumption ranked third in the country of the city, we sought to outlets is greater than that. But at present, Chengdu existing outlets only three (time, outlets, Mejason Ottles, Su Ning City otter rice), and have "brand number", "discount price war" to seize the market. The traditional single business model already far from meeting the needs of not consumers in Chengdu, the hype "Chinese cabbage price sale" also let most people aesthetic fatigue. So, what kind of outlets to Chengdu to cater to consumer preferences and demand? prada wallets outlet

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cheap prada Compared to other traditional outlets, world figure, outlets is only "in the mood for the world" of large complex parts of the business, leisure and entertainment formats in addition to this, but also equipped with dream park, prada usa Sichuan food street, pioneer theatre, wangcong temple, a station to meet consumer demand, to achieve new experience. Also world figure, outlets have 2 million square metres of "luxury discount clusters", has signed brands include Prada, Dior, Ferragamo, etc. prada shoes for men

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prada online store more than 20 international big, and the goods Invoicing deposit completely according to the needs of consumers to adjust, breaking the previous "goods" "discount Diaojia" embarrassing situation, with international standards, to create a real sense of "outlets". In Chengdu, there are no sales Prada, Dior brand outlets, in a certain extent limits the range of consumers buy the brand, and thus had to choose flesh purchasing or scouring the sea. prada handbags outlet